A Complete Guide to High Voltage LifePo4 Batteries

A Complete Guide to High Voltage LifePo4 Batteries

Lithium batteries are taking over the world, and everyone knows why. These eco-friendly, highly efficient, and safe-to-use batteries have gradually become the number one choice in the market. So we also went wondering what is so special about these lithium batteries. This blog will answer all your queries.

We will discuss the high voltage lifepo4 battery along with all its advantages and disadvantages so that you can make a fair call of whether or not to buy this for use.

What Is a Lithium Battery?

LifePo4 Battery stands for lithio-pherous (iron) phosphate battery. It is one of the latest battery types that is making its mark in the rechargeable battery industry. These batteries were first introduced for use in renewable energy sources in 1990. However, their high cost and scalability issues made them less feasible for general use. Till a good few decades later these batteries were first introduced for general purpose use. Since then, it has successfully become one of the best choices for long-term batteries.

Advantages Of Lithium Batteries

Extremely Safe to Use

Due to its thermal and chemical stability, lithium batteries are extremely safe and stable to use as compared to lead acid batteries which always come with a potential to burst. Also, these batteries come with battery management systems that check their voltages and current cycles and turn down their charging systems when they overflow.

Higher Charge-Discharge Rate

The cycle life of our lithium battery is greater than that of SLA because its Max constant discharge is greater than that of an SLA battery, making it equally suitable for mid-power and higher-power appliances. All you need to take care of is the current flowing in your battery. It should not cross the BMS safe limit.

Resistance to high temperature

Where the lead acid and lithium cobalt oxide batteries will lose their performance permanently, a lithium battery can reach up to 350 to 500 Celsius temperature and still be operating normally. This means lithium batteries will be a better option in areas where the temperature is a problem.


Higher Cost

If you thought you would get all these impressive specifications that do without getting a good blow on your pocket, you were wrong. Every good thing comes with a price, and so do lithium batteries. But with all these features, the high price is simply justified.

Poor consistency

The biggest challenge in ensuring a lithium battery's quality is its product consistency since the voltage platform of a lithium battery is narrow. It will be hard for anyone to observe its material preparation and manufacturing quality just by observation.


Due to its advantages and extended service, LifePo4 lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular. They do not use any heavy metals or rare metals in their manufacturing and thus are also very environmentally friendly. Due to the lightweight, good resistance in high temperatures, and improved charge in discharge efficiency, there shown to take over all the lead acid battery users in a bit of time.