Fixing 4G LTE Antenna for Optimized Performance

Fixing 4G LTE Antenna for Optimized Performance

Like when you don't need an automotive engineer to fix your car when it breaks down mid-way, you don't need to be a telecom engineer to set up your 4G LTE antenna. But things are not so straightforward for many people. Especially when you don't come from a technical background and don't have excellent know-how of these things, the trouble might take days or even weeks to fix. Most of the people in this scenario will go for the hit-and-trial method and will tend to eventually forget what all did it take to resolve the issue. But the case is not very ideal for many. If you, too, have finally decided to install 4G external antenna at your residence/business and want to know how to set up the antenna for its optimized use, this article is for you.

In this article, we will explain how with minimum free and handy tools, little technical knowledge, and a bit of patience, you cannot just set up your 4G LTE Antenna without external help. But also optimize it for the connectivity you have already dreamed of.

Setting up 4G LTE Antenna for optimized Performance

Step # 01: Locating the Antenna In Accordance With The Cell Masts

Cell masts are the devices that communicate with your 4G antenna to exchange large amounts of data. So, the first step would be to locate and orient your 4G antenna in the direction of the nearest cell masts. This applies to both unidirectional and omnidirectional antennas. An online software, namely a cell mapper, can be used to trace all the working poles in your specific area.

Step # 02: Mounting Your Antenna Properly & Efficiently

After locating the poles, it is time to look for a space to mount the 4G antenna to see how you can rightly orient towards the most suitable cell mast in your vicinity. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Following are the factors to keep in mind while mounting your 4G LTE Antenna.

  • Permanently Mount it outside: No matter where you want to place your 4G LTE antenna, it is recommended to mount your device outside permanently (Through obstructions) to reap the best performance.
  • Orient it effectively: practical orientation means trying everything to orient your antenna perfectly in the direction of your cell masts. Move gradually while recording the performance and this step will be straightforward.
  • Mount on a good highest: An additional elevation is always welcome. It is understood that the obstructions would be eliminated once you cross a certain height level.
  • Use high-quality cable: If your antenna didn't arrive with a branded/high-quality cable, you are free to choose a cable on your own.  A good quality cable will make sure the transportation of signals is fast and resistance-free

Step # 03: MIMO and Further Optimization

If you have already implemented the first two steps, there are 80% chance that your 4G LTE antenna is now working fine. However, if you belong to the remaining 20%, here are a few steps that you need to follow additionally:

  • Try placing the antenna opposite the side of the building where cell masts are located.
  • Note down the radiation patterns emitted from your antenna. That will give you a quick overview of its performance. Two antennas are better than one antenna. Try combining two antennas to create an array to produce amazingly better performance.
  • If you have already tried and tested all the above steps and nothing seems to work out well for you. It is not about you; it is about your antenna. Try a different model of 4G LTE antenna.


If you are new to 4G LTE antennas and don't know how to set up one on your own, or if your 4G antenna is letting you down with its below-expected performance, you are welcome to try out above listed steps to find the perfect solution for your problems. Keep reminded that the above steps are best suitable for quick and immediate impacts/adjustments. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing any unforeseen situations or getting overwhelmed by the whole process, it is recommended to ask for professional assistance.