How Long Does A Genuine Asus Laptop Battery Last

How Long Does A Genuine Asus Laptop Battery Last

The hardware components which provide power to any device with or without connection with a cord are known as batteries. However, a Genuine asus Laptop Battery has the capability of replenishing whenever the power gets depleted. If the audience looks at the evolution of batteries then they will have a clear idea of how the laptop batteries have changed in terms of functions and operations.

The type of batteries that are nestled in laptops consists of lithium-ion batteries. However, these are much more durable than any other kind. On the other hand, the weight of these batteries is in a medium range and has a good power capacity. Nonetheless, the main attraction of these lithium-ion batteries is that the users don't have to charge them fully to use them until the next time.

This article will provide a clear idea about laptop batteries. However, specifically, some segments of the article will also elaborate on the battery life of Asus laptop batteries.

Expected Life Expectancy Of A Genuine Asus Laptop Battery

Asus is one of the best electronic brands in the world. It is known to everyone that excessive charging creates a huge amount of pressure on the battery. Because of this, the life expectancy of the battery decreases.

It's time to speak specifically about Asus battery life. Generally, on a single charge, the users can easily use the Asus batteries for 5-7 hours. To be very precise, for almost 3-5 years the users can get hassle-free service from the Asus battery.

However, go increase the life expectancy of the batteries. It's very important to disconnect the laptop from the charger when it's fully charged. It's very necessary to keep in mind that the laptop doesn't get too hot while working on it or charging.

Factors Affecting The Battery Life

This section of the blog will depict some points which can affect the battery life.

1. Heavy Depletion of Battery

Using too many applications at the same time can deplete the battery life. Using the batteries too roughly or constantly playing games can cause heavy depletion.

2. Charging The Battery To 100%

Not disconnecting the charger even if the battery is fully charged can also reduce the battery life as it creates too much pressure if the battery.

3. Overheating

Too much rough use or high brightness or not removing the charger after 100% battery can cause overheating. Overheating excerpts much distress and pressure upon the battery.

4. Charging The Battery Right After Extensive Use

Using the battery for a long time and immediately charging it without providing any rest can reduce the life capacity of the battery.

5. Using An Incompatible Charger

It's quite common when people opt for using a different kind of charger for charging the battery. Unknowingly they just affect the battery life on their own as the incompatible charge can propel an extensive electrical wave on the battery while charging.

6. Using A Non-Genuine Battery

Using a battery from a good brand is very much important for laptops as people seem much involved in this device for their work. However, a genuine battery won't affect the laptop either.

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Apart from this several other rechargeable batteries like nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride have come up but none of them could suppress the capability of the lithium-ion batteries. To gain these kinds of Asus laptop batteries one can go through the website of HP Battery to gain a precise idea about their reasonable price range and service.