How To Pair The Huawei Bluetooth Mouse With Your Computer?

How To Pair The Huawei Bluetooth Mouse With Your Computer?

The latest technology advancement in a computer mouse ensures that it can work efficiently without the wire connection. The wireless connection is made possible by the existence of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth mouse can easily connect to your computer. Furthermore, it is more convenient to operate. Therefore, knowing how to connect it to your computer is essential if you wish to buy mouse. Below is a step-by-step process of how to pair the Huawei Bluetooth mouse with your computer

Step by step process of pairing the Huawei Bluetooth mouse with your computer

1. Check for compatibility

The Huawei Bluetooth mouse may not be compatible with some devices. It is mainly compatible with Mac OS 10.10, Android 4.4.4, and Windows 8 or later. Therefore, other previous versions of the Mac OS, Android, and windows may not be compatible.

2. Check the battery of your Huawei Bluetooth mouse

Before pairing starts, first, ensure that your mouse has enough battery. The mouse cannot operate if it does not have a battery.

3. Turn your Huawei Bluetooth mouse on

If the mouse has a battery, the next step is to turn on the Huawei Bluetooth mouse. The mouse switch button is positioned on the mouse's back. Slide the button to the on position and hold it for about three seconds to turn on the mouse. If the mouse starts blinking blue, the pairing process has already begun. You can then release the switch button.

4. Click the start menu on your computer

Once the pairing process has begun, you can go to your computer's menu and open start. Then go to the window's icon. The window's icon is located at the bottom left side of your computer's screen. You can also choose to press the Windows key on your keyboard.

5. Go to settings

On the window's icon, go to settings. You will notice an item that looks like gear. That item is the settings icon. It is positioned on the bottom left of the window's icon. Once you find it, ensure to click on it. Then go to devices.

6. Press on Bluetooth and other devices

On devices, press on Bluetooth and other devices. On Bluetooth, ensure to switch it on. Switching the Bluetooth device will enable it and thus prepare it for pairing.

7. Click on add device

On the device list, you will notice several Bluetooth devices nearby. Ensure to select your Huawei Bluetooth mouse to finish the pairing process. Once the pairing is complete, you can now use your wireless mouse to operate your computer.

Advantages of the Huawei Bluetooth mouse

  • Wireless: The Huawei Bluetooth mouse uses the radio wave for wireless communication with your computer.
  • Mobile: The Huawei Bluetooth mouse is mobile. Therefore, you can operate it from a great range.
  • Versatile: The Huawei Bluetooth mouse is not limited to one device. It can be used on various devices.
  • Affordable: It is available at a very reasonable price. A reasonable price ensures that anyone can afford it.


The Huawei Bluetooth mouse is very convenient. One does not have to trouble themselves with wire connectivity. Furthermore, it is compatible with many devices. Therefore, it does not limit someone to one device only. Additionally, the Bluetooth mouse and computer connectivity process is relatively straightforward.