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What Features A Good USB Car Charger Offer?

by Aaron

Living in the modern era, we have grown the bond with technology exponentially. Somehow, whether we are active or unassertive, we greatly depend on technology. But another fact that can’t be denied is that all these gadgets, which we are greatly dependent on, are driven by the kind of energy that we call “charge,” and the devices are constantly needed to be charged to work efficiently.

This is a casual situation but imagine yourself driving to a distant area and somewhere in the middle of a task, the device ran out of charge. What would you do in such a situation where you desperately need to stay connected using the only source of technology along with you?

USB car charger is the answer!

A car USB charger is a small, portable adapter that you can plug into the cigarette port found in cars.

USB car charger is an excellent option to carry along. The importance of a USB car charger can be well understood if you ever get trapped in the above-described situation. If you are searching for USB car chargers, the UGREEN website contains an incredible car charger collection on their website.

Here, thorough research has been done regarding the features of the best USB car charger. If the USB car charger you are looking for has these characteristics, it must be added to your car’s essentials.

Top 5 Features That A Good USB Car Chargers Offer

1. High Amp Output

Select the USB car charger with a high Amp output. This is particularly helpful if you carry multiple devices along. A mobile phone usually requires 1.0 Amp for its charging. A USB car charger with a high Amp output, e.g., 2.4 amp, can simultaneously charge two mobile phones.

Moreover, a USB car charger with higher output can charge iPads and android tablets, which usually require more amps than a mobile phone does.

Our best belongings become more like a family, and it goes for the USB car charger with a higher output, too, because if you are on a family vacation, it is obvious to have more than one device. Since almost everyone is technology-driven, a good USB car charger can cater to the whole family’s needs. This is because of the feature of a greater capacity to charge more than one device.

2. Multiple USB Ports

A USB car charger with multiple USB ports is more like buy one, get one free! Mostly, the car chargers come with a single USB port. If you are looking for the best options, always get your hands on the charger with multiple ports. This has the additional advantage of charging more than one device simultaneously. This feature enables you to utilize the feature of high Amp output best.

Consider yourself in a situation where you are engaged on multiple devices while traveling. This is where you will benefit from this charger feature since our devices are constantly supposed to be charged.

This feature can be a lifesaver for families with toddlers addicted to screens too. This feature is of great help during traveling. You can charge an android tablet along with a phone or two mobile phones at a time.

3. Charging Cable

Charging cable is not durable and can land you in hot waters if your charge is at stake and you need to wind up essential tasks. Always consider that a good USB car charger does not have an attached or permanent cable. They are available with a detachable wire for the sake of flexibility. Still, you are advised to always carry around an additional cable to avoid setbacks.

4. Innovative High-Speed Charging

High-speed charging is the need of the day. Since most of our tasks are deadline-driven, we need the tasks to be done in a jiffy. For this, a high-speed charger is always required to be selected. This not only provides us convenience but saves our time and energy. Moreover, there are charges made of high-grade engineered material, which stays plugged in without being disturbed, whether traveling on bumpy or topsy-turvy roads. Try out a 24W USB car charger by Ugreen, an excellent option.

Another fantastic product by UGREEN is their 36W 2port USB 3 Fast Car Charger. It has the powerful ability to raise its charging capacity of charging to 6A, thus charging two devices simultaneously with the fastest charging speed.

5. Universally Compatible

Not all USB car chargers are universally compatible, which means that the port comes with some kind of design restrictions. This is an important point to be considered when shopping for a charger because almost everyone in the household carries devices with different specifications.

The USB car chargers by www.ugreen.com are highly recommended considering universal compatibility and other points discussed above.


USB car chargers are undoubtedly the demand of the time if we wish to go with the flow. Since a major part of our working schedule and lives is administered and driven by technology-run gadgets, we need to be fully equipped.

Whenever buying a USB car charger, always look for the one with a high Amp output, a charging cable that could be easily detached, and multiple USB ports to get done with all your chores. A charger made of durable material capable of charging fast and is universally compatible. And you can find all these features in UGREEN USB car chargers.

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